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  • How to Turn off Automatic Photo Tagging of Your Face in Google Plus

    Google has recently changed their privacy policy again. This time they created automatic photo tagging your face on their social network, Google Plus. When you go onto Google Plus a popup shows up and asks that you confirm enabling automatic photo tagging of your face. Without even reading carefully I accepted the new change. Luckily, […]

  • Fifth Anniversary Lunch at Chili’s

    Chili’s Anniversary Luncheon My wife and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary at Chili’s. Our lunch there was very delicious and the service was great. Our waitress, Brittany did such an exceptional job waiting on our table. Accidents happen at restaurants and Chili’s is no exception. My wife’s rack of ribs fell on the floor […]

  • My Fight Against Testicular Cancer

    In a few days, I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary with my wife Kristine. She has been by my side through some of the toughest times. I am grateful for her love and support through these past five years. I love her with all of my heart. Testicular Cancer Diagnosis Not many people know […]

  • How to Calculate your Federal Tax Withholding?

    Have you ever wondered how do I calculate my federal tax withholding? I’ve always wanted to know how to calculate my federal tax withholding. In fact one time I allowed my federal tax withholding to be maxed out. As expected, the paycheck was incredibly low because of the 0 allowances. But my annual tax return […]

  • Chinese Immersion Schools Launched

    At the start of the new year, I launched a new website called Chinese Immersion Schools. This website allows you to search for Chinese immersion schools in your area within a maximum radius of 20 miles and a minimum radius of 5 miles. Chinese immersion schools are growing in popularity in the United States. At […]

  • Solution to Google Apps: There is was a problem transitioning one or more of your accounts

    If you have Google Apps and you just tried to upgrade your accounts but you got the error above. Remove the email associated to your domain from the google account via login at google accounts and going to my account and remove Then point your browser to Follow the instructions Log-out of your Google […]

  • Never Give Up!

    Finish Strong Like Hakeem Olajuwon I’m currently trying to tackle Calculus One in the summer term. Summer terms at Brigham Young University are rigorous and require a lot of focus, determination and discipline. The Math 112 Calculus One course requires us to do at least 2 exercises a day. We have class five days a […]